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Gun Shops

Shooting range seeks to make guns 'mainstream' | by Mike Kelly, USA Today, October 7, 2017

Gun range fined $15,000, accused of not protecting staff from lead exposure | by Tom Avril, Inquirer Staff Writer  April 11, 2017

Faith group protests Phila. for not identifying problem gun dealers | by Robert Moran, Inquirer Staff Writer April 21, 2016

Controversial Philly gun shop to close | Action News, ABC 6 September 28, 2009

Group had faith it could shut down gun shop | by Inquirer Editorial Board September 26, 2009

Memorials to the Lost

Kennett Square T-shirt display symbolizes lives lost to gun violence | by Shawnette Wilson, Fox 29 News March 26, 2018

In Chester, they are using the power of art to heal emotional wounds | by Kevin Tustin, DelCo News Network August 7, 2018

Memorial to the Lost: Residents seek answers to gun violence | DelCo News Network June 12, 2018

Faith coalition takes a stand against gun violence | by Julie Bourbon, National Catholic Reporter June 16, 2017

In Moorestown, that field of T-shirts honors gun victims | by Jan Hefler, Inquirer Staff Writer November 3, 2016

T-shirt Memorials Seek to Raise Awareness of Gun Violence | by June Soh, Voice of America (VOA) November 12, 2015

Assault Weapons

How Philly gun control advocates will protest Toomey's stance on an assault weapons ban | Inquirer Opinion March 19, 2018

‘Enough is enough:’ Protest calls for assault weapons ban | by Alex Rose, DelCo News Network February 18, 2018

In Pa., assault weapons available 'as quickly as you can buy a cheesesteak' | by Mari A. Schaefer, Inquirer Staff Writer June 13, 2016

Mass Shootings

Music defying violence: Concert for Orlando victims at First Presbyterian right gesture, right time | Inquirer’s Peter Dobrin June 20, 2016

Souls Shot

Souls Shot: Honoring those lost in gun violence through art | by Samaria Bailey, Digital Reporter, Philadelphia Tribune November 8, 2018

Philly forensic artist creates portraits to honor fallen cops from around the country | by Patrick Rapa, for The Inquirer October 18, 2018

Wyndmoor artist brings to life victim of gun violence | Chestnut Hill Local November 17, 2017

Murder Site Vigils

Family of Harrisburg homicide victim leans on faith, community | by Eric Veronikis, Harrisburg Patriot News August 26, 2015

Gun Violence

Scholarly Articles on Gun Violence

Feature Series › Gun Violence | National Catholic Reporter, 2010-present

As Philly homicides rise, DA Krasner formulates gun violence strategy | by Ryan Briggs, City and State Pennsylvania November 29, 2017

On Rosh Hashanah, Jewish communities try repenting for gun violence and racism | by Julie Zauzmer, The Washington Post September 19, 2017

Coalition Wants Brownback To Convene Meeting On Gun Violence | by Jim McLean, Kansas City Public Radio April 29, 2016

Gun control in sight: Faith groups seize political moment | by Daniel Schultz, The Christian Century March 18, 2013

Jewish Ethics: Hillel and Shammai Weigh in on Gun Rights | by Ronald Pies, Moment Magazine February 26, 2013

Heeding God’s Call to End Gun Violence | by Charles Howard, University of Pennsylvania Chaplain, Huffington Post May 25, 2011