Robin Nash mourns in front of the T-shirt bearing her late son's name during a Harrisburg vigil calling for an end to gun violence on Thursday..jpg

Memorials to the Lost®

A Memorial to the Lost® is a unique, visible education tool developed by Heeding to honor victims of gun violence and their surviving families. T-shirts with names and dates of those murdered by gun violence during a previous year in a designated area are displayed in front of a congregation’s building or in a public space where community members can experience in a tangible way the loss of life and disruption of lives that gun violence creates. People often will stop their car after driving by and return to see exactly what’s being portrayed; they will walk among the shirts, pause and pray, sometimes even finding the name of a loved one or neighbor. The Philadelphia Memorial usually contains close to 300 names reminding us of the immensity of the problem. We currently have Memorials for all of Philadelphia’s surrounding counties, Washington, DC, Harrisburg, PA, Southern NJ, and other areas.

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